Coach Katianna’s intuitive approach to life blossoms due to her multi-faceted background. This story describes a unique combination of skills and experiences that shine through in her coaching.

“Why are you here? You seem way too balanced of a person to be attending a University of Technology. And majoring in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics!”
English Professor at Tampere University of Technology.

Since she was a young lady, people have recognized that, once she sets her mind on a goal, Katianna will work hard, make the journey into a fun adventure, and exceed all expectations imaginable. After graduating from High School in her home country of Finland, she pursued two career paths simultaneously. She was accepted to Tampere University of Technology to pursue a double major in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. Katianna finished her Masters of Science with this double major almost simultaneously with her credentials from Conservatory of Tampere, where she majored to be a concert violinist and a violin teacher.

At the age of 24, her life took a dramatic turn when she packed two suitcases (the current allowed limit for trans-Atlantic flights) and moved to the United States to finish her PhD. She obtained her PhD in Theoretical Chemistry in less than four years after her arrival in the US and was directing a research facility upon finishing her post-doctoral research period.

Highlights of her multi-faceted career includes initiating and leading one of the top cancer research facilities in the US, designing high-end instrumentation (FTICR mass spectrometers) for chemical analysis, accepting responsibility for field marketing while also acting as product manager for a multi-million dollar product line. She has also worked in direct sales as well as technical sales and application support.

Even through the most hectic phases in her career, Katianna‚Äôs life has always been well balanced. The saying ‘A hard job demands hard hobbies’ is certainly true in her case. Her earlier hobbies include more than 10 years of mountaineering, ice-climbing and rock-climbing. During this phase, she also climbed the highest peaks in Europe and was received a rare invitation to join a mountaineering trip with the ‘Red Berets’, a specialized military troop in Finland. With few opportunities for mountaineering on the flat plains of Indiana, she began competitive ballroom dancing. She was ranked among the top three amateur ladies in her class at the time she injured her foot and could not continue with the rigorous practice schedule. After 10 years of dancing,, her main hobby now is racing cars, an activity she can perform sitting down. During the last five years, she has won two national level championships in her class in rally racing among other honors.

Throughout her life she has always been blessed with the opportunity to work with marvelous individuals. To mention a few, this list includes

  • Pentti Salonen, ‘A Master Violinist from the russian school of violin technique’
  • Ernest Davidson, ‘One of the Fathers of Quantum Molecular Dynamics Calculations’
  • Rauno Ilo, ‘Owner of Starlite Ballroom Indianapolis. Estonian Standard, Latin and 10-Dance champions 12 times and 2-time undefeated all-Soviet Union 10-Dance champions before moving to the US.’
  • Joe Green, ‘A Professional Coach for Champions in Ballroom Dancing’
  • Victor Veyrasset, ’10-times US Pro Champion, undefeated, in International Standard Style of Ballroom Dancing’
  • Robert McIver, ‘One of the inventors in the field of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Mass Spectroscopy’
  • Doug Nagy, ‘Owner of Streetwise Motorsports. My car builder, crew chief, sponsor, mentor and a true friend.’
  • Alice Vieira, ‘A marvelous lady filled with mountains of wisdom, a guide and a mentor extra-ordinaire’