Tune into Your Inner Power and Personal Well-being
– Series of Workshops at Deep Dog Yoga Studio


Deep Dog Yoga Studio
In the fall of 2012 we will present a powerful trio of workshops to increase your energy and decrease your frustrations. In December we will discuss setting the intention for the next year, a more powerful point-of-view than a simple New Year’s Resolution.

The following table shows the details of the Fall 2012 Schedule with workshop descriptions:

* August 18, 2012 “Status Check”

We will start the fall season with a workshop bringing awareness of your current state. This awareness will provide you with a solid foundation to build on and to grow from. Furthermore, the work in this session will be a great check-up if you have already awakened to this awareness.

* September 22, 2012 “Removing the ‘Should’ – Toxic Tolerations”

The second workshop will continue the discussion by focusing on tolerations. As tolerations integrated into our daily lives they tend to be black holes where our energy goes, addressing these tolerations will bring you immediate energy and joy.

* October 27, 2012 “Tolerations Removal Tools”

There exist tolerations that cannot be removed from our lives for one reason or another and the third workshop of the fall will discuss tools and techniques to deal with these items. You are probably aware that you can be responsible for your own action and reactions only. The tools discussed include ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie and gratitude exercises, the most powerful way of shifting your energy.

* December 1, 2012 “Setting Intention for the New Year”

We will wrap the year up in our fourth workshop held on December 1st by setting your intention for the upcoming year. This will be a powerful session for preparing you more powerfully than a New Year’s resolution.