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Growing Stack of coins - Sign up for this business coaching group for increased revenue stream

Small Business Shock Therapy
– Move Your Business to the Next Level NOW

Are your ready to shock your business or practice to the next level?

The outline of this intensive 2-month workshop is based on my signature system for bringing you to the next level: higher revenues, a larger customer base and more referrals. This group is excellent for entrepreneurs, small business owners and field sales professionals. The focus groups are hosted online and over the phone for your convenience.

Next group starting Tuesday June 16th at 8am PDT.

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Finding your balance

The First Six Steps to Personal and Professional Balance

The Six First Steps group is designed for you. Yes, YOU. The goal of this 2-month program is to increase awareness of your current life balance and to create a powerful action plan to move you to the next level, closer to the life you have been only dreaming about. Until today, that is.

Next group starting Monday July 7th at 6pm PDT.

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