The First Six Steps to Personal and Professional Balance
– Your Personal Guide Through the Dynamic Process

Cover of the book 'First Six Steps for Personal and Professional Balance'

The Six First Steps group is designed for you. Yes, YOU. The six steps are divided into two focus groups. The first 4-week program focuses on the first three chapters of the book while the second 4-week program focuses on the discussions on the last three chapters of the book. The goal of both programs is to increase awareness of your current life balance and to create a powerful action plan to move you to the next level, closer to the life you have been only dreaming about. Until today, that is.

Our very practical and easy-to-follow approach includes group discussions and individual laser coaching sessions in addition to fieldwork. The course follows and builds upon the book The First Six Steps to Personal and Professional Balance.

The discussion sessions are hosted as teleconferences so you can dial in from wherever you are. Any course material in addition to the booklet will be provided to you via email.

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Questions? Feel free to email Coach Katianna at or call 657.201.9914 with any questions.

The spring special for the first 5-week session $135 includes but is not limited to:
* Five 60-minute focus group discussion sessions
* One 30-minute individual laser coaching session to discuss your specific situation
* A clear vision of your short-term and long-term goals
* The book The First Six Steps to Personal and Professional Balance
* All additional customized course material and work sheets
* 10-minute phone call and email support between the sessions

2014 SPRING ‘Almost Summer -group’- Tuesday evenings at 6pm PST (9pm EST) 

  • Date May 6th “Snapshot of Your Present Balance”
  • Date May 13th “Declutter Your Mind: An Immediate Increase in Energy”
  • Date May 20th “Strategy for Success”
  • Date May 27th “Week of laser coaching sessions.”
  • Date June 3rd “What next? Creating your personalized plan.”